Share the World

A new way to share in the experience of giving, be it a moment of pride, of fulfillment, of achievement. Be connected, be inclusive, be ORO.

The Untold Experience

This is the very moment our story begins. It is where no product or service is focused today but IS at the moment of truth in any foreign exchange transfer or remittance process. This is the moment of the GIFT.

A better, safer way to share your income with the people who need it most.

It's common for someone to immigrate to another country solely to be able to earn income and send money home to support their family. The build up to the moment when they have saved their first $100.00 that can be sent home is humbling and often full of trial and pain. But in that moment they are proud for what they have done and what they can give. ORO provides a new, safer way to both share the funds with family and loved ones while staying connected to the things that really matter.

  • With the world’s safest and most advanced crypotechnology ORO is proven secure.

  • Offering a new way to provide quick transactions and near immediate access to funds.

  • Connected to the people and contacts that matter, ORO is built on your network.

  • Share successes, memories and events within ORO’s connected experience.

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